“One thing we can know for certain…
this great land was built on the backs
of courageous people and great horses!”
   – Eleanor Hamilton

Eleanor Hamilton

Eleanor’s Arabian Farm, owned and operated by Eleanor Hamilton, breeds and trains Arabian and Half-Arabian horses to embody the best of the world’s most classic horse. Using well-established Arabian working western bloodlines such as *Muscat and Xenophonn along with Quarter horse reining bloodlines such as Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Jac 86 and Colonel Freckles, the farm aims to breed for conformation, agility, speed, temperament, good sense and athleticism.

Miss Eleanor recently acquired San Jacinto Jullyen V, a stunning and athletic three year-old stallion that will be shown under saddle and eventually bred to the daughters of the late and much beloved Hesa Zee+/.

The focus of Eleanor’s Arabian Farm is to breed and train the ultimate reining, working and western pleasure horses. Miss Eleanor has assembled a team of professionals to fulfill this goal. Known for Arabian and Half-Arabian horses that embody the best of the world’s most classic horses, her breeding and training program is one of the most respected in the Arabian industry.

Located in Rogers, Minnesota, the farm sits on 98 acres of beautiful trees and pastures along the shore of the Crow River. 32 heated box stalls, 8 pastures with loafing sheds, a 60 x 160 foot indoor heated arena, and a 200 x 500 foot outdoor riding arena provide a comfortable and inviting environment for all.

“I would like to thank Eleanor Hamilton for her breeding program; it has been very instrumental in my success.”
Dick Ames
“My mare absolutely loves her job. I so love her sire lines. Hope you’re proud of Crown Musc+, I think he’s created another Champion even if it’s just endurance. She has incredible recoveries. She was at 54 heart rate within 1 minute. Criteria was 60. I think she may be able to do the Tevis Cup 100 mile race in one day (24 hrs to complete) this year. If not then next year for sure. From western pleasure to top endurance mare, she’s got grit and loves it!”
Dian Woodward


“Horses have taught me everything worth knowing. Patience, a good work ethic, and a good attitude.
Keep your ears up and your heels ready … just in case!” – Eleanor Hamilton

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